What is taught in our training programs?

Kronborg Air Consult have established a series of training programs for Flight Dispatchers, which comply with the IOSA training requirements by adhering to the training syllabus given in ICAO doc. 7192-AN/857 Part D-3.

The customer has the possibility of choosing among several standard recurrent refresher courses for Flight Dispatchers and Flight Operations Officers or to have an individual training program designed after specific requirements.

In the training of flight dispatchers and flight operating officers we focus on the logistics and all procedures necessary. In aviation business communication and a “common language” is essential. Therefore, we make sure that the flight planners and the pilots gain the same knowledge, which creates efficient communication and the highest level of safety.

Courses for Pilots

In educating pilots and giving recurrent training we always teach the newest methods, systems and procedures. We educate pilots with a focus on commercial jets and give courses within general navigation, radio navigation and flight planning.

Kronborg Air Consult also offers ETOPS Course and LROC Long Range Operational Course for Pilots. The courses from Kronborg Air Consult are in accordance with ICAO doc. 7192-AN/857 Part D-3 and doc. 7192-AN/857 Part 5-B and will fulfill the requirements of an IOSA audit.

We also offer a course for other airline staff that may benefit of the knowledge of e.g. Meteorology, Communication, Crew Resource Management, Aerodynamics or Mass & Balance. This could be Load control, Ops control, Crew control, Maintenance or Baggage handling departments.

Consulting for aviation business

We know the aviation business like the back of our hands – and we live to share our knowledge. We provide consulting within every aspect of the aviation business from the operational working procedures to the IT systems. We teach in automation and interaction, and we assess every organization on its own.

Whatever the issue or situation, we meet the qualifications and can provide professional consulting, training and guidance.

How do we get started? 

You can see our list of individual courses below. If you have any questions in regard to our services, do not hesitate to contact us. We are always up for a chat about aviation training, and together we can find the best solution for you. Call us or email us for a quote.

What courses are offered by Kronborg Air Consult?

Flight Dispatcher Courses and training

Meteorology / Navigation / Air Law / Flight Monitoring / Aviation Indoctrination Aircraft Systems / Flight Planning / Aircraft Performance / Weight and Balance Communication Dispatch Resource Management / ETOPS/LROPS North Atlantic / Winter Operation

Pilot courses

ETOPS/LROPS / North Atlantic / Flight Planning


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